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“GURUKULAM” – The Residential Life @ Himalaya

Residential life at Himalaya creates a homely atmosphere, a home away from home. A separate staff team is committed to provide the best attention to all the students catering to their academic needs through personal parental care.

Every child has particular educational needs to help them develop to their highest potential. Boarding schools remain a popular choice and are widely included in the top-ranking schools.

Advantages of Residential Life at Himalaya

A Close Community

Boarding schools offer pupils a strong sense of community within the school’s boarding. A mix of ages means that older pupils mix socially with younger pupils as role models.

Academic Support

Another reason to opt for Himalaya’s boarding is our excellent provision of academic support. Students have academic lessons in the evening, which permits them to study extra subjects or have a more intensive revision of studies.

Extra-curricular Excellence

Himalaya boarding school students can do a lot more sport, music, art, drama, and other activities. Since teachers live in and around the school, they are on hand to lead activities in the evening and weekends.

Extra Edge while studying in Hostel

With an increasing demand for flexibility in modern life, Himalaya offers all students the same opportunities to pursue extra-curricular activities and tuition. And makes it much easier to organise sports tournaments and other related activities.

Independence and Self-confidence

Himalaya Boarding School builds tremendous confidence in students as they recognise their growing capacity for self-reliance and self-determination. They learn to take self-decisions as well as responsibilities for those decisions. They will learn new skills, along with progress in academic studies – developing resilience and a positive mindset in the process.

On a Daily Basis

Our daily activities, apart from regular academic and co-scholastic classes include: Extra Classes, Study hours, Sports and Games, Peer Learning, Values, Motivational Talks, Performing Arts, Hobbies and more.

Advantages of Residential Life at Himalaya

Along with all the benefits available to Day-Scholars, students in hostel will be given benefits of Evening Classes and Sunday Classes for enhancing their Personality and Language Skills as well as providing them with Learning of Languages, Etiquette, Personality Development, and more. We also offer them to develop various Soft Skills and other Professional programmes. The Soft Skills Training will propel them for Confidence Building, Decision Making, and Time Management, all under Interpersonal Skills.

Weekly Activities

Our weekly activities, apart from daily activities includes Movie/ Music Time, Boarding Competitions/ Event, Calls to Parents, Weekly Tests etc.

Monthly Activities

Our monthly activities, apart from daily and weekly activities includes Outing for Shopping/Leisure, Gardening/Skill Activities, Personality Grooming Talks/Sessions, Walk Outs, Cooking Event/Barbeque etc.

Annual Activities

Our annual activities, apart from daily, weekly and monthly activities includes Presentations, Concerts, Boarding Night, Carnival/ Excursion, Career Counselling, Excursions, Events and more.


Eating habits and food plays an important role in well-being of a child and impacts performance of student in class while influencing their behavior and moods. Healthy eating habits are essential for student’s mental and physical development and Himalaya International Schools caters the need of providing a healthy and balanced diet to all our students.

Student Mentoring and Celebrations

Being a residential campus, we have some staff members who are available in the campus throughout the day and they are a great support to all our students. They are like the family members away from the family.


The boarding has facilities like common television, reading space, and recreation rooms with table tennis, chess, various other indoor games, jogging track etc. The warden pays individual attention to each child while motivating and counselling them whenever required.

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