Himalaya International School Ratlam Goes Green with “CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT WEEK”
Get ready for a riot of colors and a symphony of voices at Himalaya International School as we gear up to celebrate “CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT WEEK” on November 25th, 2023!
Grade Nursery and LKG – “Live Life Cleaner” Extravaganza
Little saplings transforming into fruits, vegetables, flowers, and nature’s marvels! Our tiny tots are donning the roles of their favorite elements of Mother Nature. From chirpy sunflowers to wise old trees, the campus was looking like a vibrant canvas of eco-conscious creativity. These little eco-warriors not just dressed up but also Spoke Up for a cleaner, greener tomorrow. Brace yourselves for an adorable eco-fashion show with a powerful message – “Live Life Cleaner!”
Grade UKG – “Speak Up, Dress Up, Save Up!”
Our UKG champs are taking center stage with their favorite environmental topics. It’s not just about dressing up; it’s about speaking up for the Earth! From “Save Water” to “Say No to Plastic Bags,” these young minds showcased their passion for environmental conservation. Expect an eloquent display of their knowledge, coupled with imaginative costumes that represent their chosen cause. This is not just a competition; it’s a collective call to action against pollution!
Join us in applauding the creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication of our students as they bring the spirit of “CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT WEEK” to life at Himalaya International School. Let’s nurture a love for the planet and in still a sense of responsibility in our future leaders. Together, we can make a difference!